Do this one thing to transform your financial prospects


Here’s “the one best thing” you can do to transform your personal finances: Ramp up savings and investment contributions to 20% of your gross income, with most of that going to investments such as retirement accounts.

It’ll launch you toward financial independence and greater life options.

It’ll help smooth your cash flow and steadily improve your standard of living.

It’ll make you feel better about yourself and your prospects.

Sure, you need to attend to lots of other financial matters besides this. But this is the one that’ll likely end up mattering the most. And the sooner you start, the greater the impact.

Here’s to creating your best financial life!


P.S. Even if you’re wrestling with high-interest debt, you might want to start a small investment program to get the positive momentum going.

Jim Ames
Founder, SmartStart Personal Finance

I help people overcome financial frustration and create their best financial life

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