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You need a structure for decision making and action


You know that financial success doesn’t just happen – you have to create it. You have to make good decisions and execute varied actions over multiple timeframes.

It takes organization to make everything happen the right way.

Being financially organized means knowing what you’ve got and what you owe, how much you bring home and how you spend it. It means identifying life goals and strategies for achieving them. It requires systems, routines, and habits for decision making and aligned action.

That might seem complicated, but it becomes obvious once you get into it.

So get into it: Grab a spiral notebook and start capturing your financial thoughts and data.

Organize your material however you like. Scratch out items and rip up pages and redo as you see fit.

Soon you’ll have a real grasp; soon you’ll have better discussions and be more proactive. Soon you’ll take more control of your financial life.

I’ll suggest some organizing principles in future posts. But don’t wait, start organizing now in your own way and notch up some wins.

Here’s to creating your best financial life!


P.S. Having trouble getting started? Make a page for income sources, one for expenses and spending, one for goals, and one for action items. Add others as you think of them.

Jim Ames
Founder, SmartStart Personal Finance

I help people overcome financial frustration and create their best financial life

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